“What is immediately obvious in Terry’s design of my apartment is her hallmark seamless integration of color, furnishings, and space. She coordinated several different styles – both antique and modern – so that one serves to enhance the other. The overarching impression is one of understated elegance, masculine yet warm and inviting. She achieved a similar result in my loft office space, creating an environment that is professional, sleek, and comfortable”

GGL: New York, NY

“Terry approaches life and her design work with joy and a sense of decency and openness. She is a delightful, caring person, who knows how to guide her clients to the best solutions for their taste and needs, with tact.”

CS: New York, NY and Paris, France

“Terry’s amazing creativity, intense dedication to the project, her imaginative application of my sometimes awkward ideas, her work ethic, her respect for the technical details and deadlines, allow me to offer an unqualified recommendation to anyone lucky enough to engage the charming Ms. Ryan to design their home.”

TOB: Geneva, Switzerland

“We bought our Florida residence pre-construction, and basically gave her the keys and said, “Call us when it’s done.” The first time we saw the penthouse, literally, was when we came down for our first vacation – and we absolutely loved it. Terry had persuaded us to try something new, but the look was totally “us.”

PAS : Warren, NJ

“The picture you drew has really sealed it for me. The materials, the table, the chairs, the lighting. It perfectly hits the image–cool, hip, without announcing itself. Comfortable and practical. Nothing outrageous, everything elegant. I am very happy about it all.”

PB: Jersey City, NJ

“Terry has an incredible sense of color and a great feel for unexpected combinations, which I’d have instinctively said no to, but her results were brilliant. She strives to be historically true to an architectural period, yet her solutions are anything but obvious or boring.”

BK: Princeton, NJ

“Terry is talented, creative, and serious about the art of interior design, but very down-to-earth and always easy to work with. She has a gift for helping the client achieve their own vision.”

JAC: Basking Ridge, NJ

“Worth every penny!”

TS: Cliffside Park, NJ