Tours & Lectures

If you’ve read “Why Art and Design?” in the About section of the web site, you understand why I’ve added this activity to the firm’s services.  You know how integral the fine arts and scholarship are to my work, and the answer to the question I asked in closing that section corroborates my feelings about it.

The question: What was the foundation of the nineteenth-century Design Reform movement, which lead to the emergence of Modernism in the twentieth century?

The answer: Reuniting the fine and the decorative arts. That is, applying the principals of the fine arts to the decorative arts.

You can see why this era in design — Europe and England,  c. 1850 to 1950 — was my chosen field of specialization in graduate school. For me, the most fascinating phenomenon of the era is what became known as The Unity of the Arts — which, coincidentally, is exactly the concept upon which I had founded my firm. Another fortunate coincidence: it also incorporates the stylistic period to which I devoted the first half-dozen years of my career: Impressionist and Modern art.

So what does all this actually mean?  What was “Design Reform”? How did it play out? What did it have to do with painting? How did it lead to Modernism…and more?   Yes, one good, interesting question always leads to others!  And, it’s been my experience that many people — clients and otherwise — are very interested in the answers, in knowing more, in discussing these things, and learning how these ideas can be applied to the aesthetic quality of their own lives. This is one reason why I added “Tours and Lectures” to my repertoire of services.  But perhaps most important, it allows me to share with you what inspires the work I do for you.



In-house lectures:
If your group, organization, class, etc., is interested in learning, or hearing more, about a specific topic,  I can prepare a lecture and come to a location of your choice to present it.In addition to topics around art and design theory/ history,  various presentations  in the realm of “Interior Design How-To” are also popular.Please email me for information on cost, a list of suggested topics,  or to discuss  your ideas. I’d be pleased to customize a presentation for your group.
There is nothing like discussing art and design right in front of  some of the best examples in the world, which we are fortunate enough to have within easy reach.  Museum talks are available for small groups —   5 to 10 people.Please email me for a list of suggested topics and up-coming tours, information on cost, and where tours are currently being conducted.  If there is a topic your group is interested in exploring, let’s discuss it.